A Systems Approach to Health

When we think of health many of us might have too small a view of all the things that really affect our health in a measurable way.

There are many levels of systems in your life that you are a part of that will affect your health. It is becoming more prudent to view health from this systems approach. It can be imaged as layers of an onion, with the smallest component being at the center. The levels of systems that affect your health and interact with each other are as follows:

1. Cell – The cellular level.

Systems Approach to Health

Systems Approach to Health

2. Organ – All your cells are part of an organ

3. Organ System – A grouping of organs that make up a system (ex: digestive system)

4. Your body as a whole

5. Your lifestyle (includes diet and exercise)

6. Your family

7. Your place of work/school

8. Your city

9. Your country

10. The planet and it’s biosphere

At a glance this list may seem a bit extensive and unnecessary, but upon closer examination, you’ll see that each of these levels affects the other and many of the levels are within your control to change.

As an extension of this approach, we will discuss the concept of ‘Locus of Control’ and how to identify where you can and should take action in your own health and where you need to defer to a professional for their help.

Your health is your job, in all cases you need to take action to live the healthiest and most satisfying life (according to your definition).

Adoption a systems approach view of health will go a long way to helping you decide what you need to do to live the life you want.


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