Adonis Index Contest Winner Dan Blunk

In todays podcast we talk to the winner of the 4th Adonis Index transformation contest Dan Blunk.

Adonis Index Transformation winner Dan Blunk Front

Adonis Index Transformation winner Dan Blunk

Adonis Index Transformation Contest Winner Dan B

Dan Blunk Side Before and After

Adonis Index Contest Winner Dan Back Pose

Dan has a great back!

Dan’s story of the 12 week contest is much different than past winners as he had many lifestyle obstacles to overcome as well as catching the flu right in the middle of the contest.

Flu or not, Dan persevered and pushed through it all and came out as the winner.

In this podcast we’ll talk about the challenges of working out when you’re sick, sticking to a commitment that you’ve made to yourself and the importance of social support and finding your motivation to move forward.

We also talk about the common mistakes guys make of trying to be bigger by overeating and ending up getting fat and in some cases giving up on the idea of ever actually getting in the shape they really want. This may have even crossed your mind, but Dan mentions the feeling of simply giving up on the idea that he could ever get into the shape he’s been working for over the past 15 years.



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