Adonis Index Transformation Contest #3

The 3rd Adonis Index transformation contest starts Wed Sept 1st and finishes on Nov 24th.

Cash prizes go to the top 6 contestants (top prize is $750) as well as other bonus prizes to be named later.

Contestants are judged on overall transformation and the change in their Adonis Index Ratio.

Starting ratio is considered as well as age and training experience.

You’ll have equal chance to win regardless if your goal is burning fat or building muscle (or a mix of the two)

I’ve revamped the workout flow of the main Adonis Index workout program for this contest and laid out how to follow the program and where to put the first ‘rage’ workout in.

I’ve also released the new muscle building foundation 12 week workout (which is the new workout component of adonis 3.0)

Depending on where you’re at in your training this new foundation workout might be the one for you to follow during this contest.

Here are my recommendations:


If you’re a novice to weight training (less than 1 year experience) and you’re primary goal is building muscle (and you have minimal fat to lose) then you might want to use the 12 week muscle building foundation workout.


If you’ve already been through the main Adonis Index program you will likely benefit from moving to our Advanced 12 week ATS workout – This is the workout Rich Sigona used to take second place overall in the last contest.

To see Rich’s results CLICK HERE.

For most other experience levels the main Adonis Index Workout system will be the one to use.

If you’re already using the main system and you’re planning on continuing for the contest, I suggest following the new flow that I have put together for the contest. You can also add a ‘booster’ workout to assist any muscle group that you feel needs extra workout.

Keep in mind that the booster workouts are only meant to be added one at a time for each 4 week cycle. In other words, you’ll likely end up overtraining if you add more than 1 booster workout in any given 4 week cycle.

How To Enter The Contest:

Before pictures:

Front back and side shots, waist up shirt off…include a picture with the current days newspaper in plain view.




Waist circumference

shoulder circumference

These pictures and measurements are the first part.

After pictures and measurements:

On Nov 24th take the same 3 pictures (with the newspaper in plain view in one extra pic)

Same measurements and a 250 word essay about your experience throughout the transformation

Once you submit your before and after pictures, measurements and essay you’re officially in the contest.

So between now and Nov all you need to do is take your before pictures and measurements and get to the gym!

Throughout the next 12 weeks we will be doing coaching calls to help you make the best possible transformation.

In the final week we will also coach you on taking an effective ‘after’ picture so everyone is on a level playing field.

In today’s podcast we’ll cover all of the contest info as well as some information about Adonis 3.0 and the Venus Index program.


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