Adonis Index Transformation Contest 4

The 4th Adonis Index Transformation Contest (AT4) starts Wednesday Jan 19th 2011, ends April 13th 2011 midnight EST.

How to Enter the Transformation Contest:


Required Before Pictures with your shirt off from waist up:

Front – Facing Camera arms at your side

Side – Turn 90 degrees from the camera arms at your side

Back – Facing away from the camera

Newspaper – Take another “front’ picture holding the current days newspaper in your hand

Newspaper close up – Take a close up of the front page of the newspaper with the date clearly visible






Create a folder on your computer and store all of this information in it as your “BEFORE” folder. Name each picture file as follows: firstname_lastname_before_pose…Example: JohnBarbanBeforeBACK.

This makes it much easier for me to find the files when you send them in April.

To enter the competition simply take the required pictures and measurements as outlined above and store them on your computer as your ‘before’ file. On April 13th take the same pictures as your ‘After” file.

Emailing me both files along with a 250 word essay about your transformation experience before midnight April 13th 2011 counts as your official entry.

So for now you just need to take your official before pictures and measurements and store them on your computer this Wednesday.

Prize money for AT4 is as follows:

1st place – $500
2nd place – $350
3rd place – $250
4-6 place – $200

Adonis Index Open Competition Categories

Junior (under 25 years old the date of the contest)

Middle (25 years old to 39 years old)

Senior (40+)

Each category will be judged on final AI look alone (not a transformation).

The pictures for this competition must be take on April 13th and submitted via email to me before midnight EST April 13th 2011.

You’re also required to submit the following measurements:





Proof of age is required with a digital photo of a piece of photo ID. Drivers license or passport is acceptable. Take a close up photo of either of these pieces of ID and include this picture in your contest picture submission file.

Standard poses will be required and a list of poses with examples and a tutorial on how to pose will be provided over the course of the next 12 weeks for you to become familiar with the poses and practice.

Judging criteria will be based on the following:

Adonis Index Ratio – How close you are to the calculated ideal numbers for your height

Muscularity – Muscle size and shape

Condition – Visible definition of the muscle groups

Prize money for each category is as follows:

1st – $500
Second- $350
Third- $250

Adonis & Venus Summit – April 15th-17th Las Vegas

The first Adonis & Venus Summit will be held two days following the end of the Transformation and Open contest. This is an informal gathering in Las Vegas for whoever wants to attend. Both the Adonis and Venus communities are encouraged to join us (Brad P Brad H and I) in Las Vegas to relax, talk shop and meet some of your fellow community members.

More details on the summit will be coming in the next 4-6 weeks.


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