Another Adonis: Interview with Scott Tousignant

It’s no secret that I believe in training for shape and proportion vs training for massive size and bulk. I’ve been down the ‘bulking’ road in my younger days and although I was strong it also left me fat and totally out of shape for years. Looking back it seems like such a waste of time…so many years spent out of shape. Even though it took me a while I eventually figured it out and learned that it’s just not possible to ‘big’ your way through life.

Scott now has a Golden Adonis Index Ratio…looks pretty damn good to me!

It’s been years since then and the Adonis Index system and philosophy is how I transformed myself and my entire approach to working out, ‘fitness’ whatever that means, and what it means to be ‘in shape’.

We’ve got solid metrics that are rooted in science and art history and have proven to be applicable for everyone. This goes for both people on our system as well as people who aren’t necessarily following our system.

The point is you can build a golden Adonis Index ratio more than one way. The workout programs I’ve built are my best shot with what I know about program design to get you to your golden AI as quickly as possible. But workout design is an art form, almost like composing music.

You can make an infinite number of songs while still using the same selection chords, musical scale, instruments, notes, keys etc. The only thing that limits what can be produced is the imagination of the artist.

The same thing goes with working out. Even though there are a finite number of exercises, set and rep schemes, and number of workouts you could possibly do in a week, there is almost a limitless number of ways to combine them into a workout that will get you to your goal…as long as the workout designer has their eye on the same prize.

Enter Scott Tousignant. He’s an artist with his eye on the same prize. A perfectly proportioned body.

Scott has been a friend of ours for a while now and he’s is very familiar with all things Adonis Index.

He has a very similar outlook on what has gone wrong in the diet and fitness industry and how a mindset shift towards proportion, shape and maintaining a low body fat level is the real goal for working out.

We both agree that the ‘get big at all costs’ mindset is fading and for good reason…it looks terrible. Setting a bodyweight goal, or a maximum strength goal, or any other performance or overall size metric is all secondary to the true answer we’re all looking for…and that is a perfectly proportioned body for our height.

In todays podcast Scott and I talk about working out and the mindset shift that must take place to start training for proportion and shape instead of overall bulk and size.

Scott is living proof that there is more than one path to a golden Adonis Index ratio. He designs his own workouts and used them to get into the shape in the above pictures in this post. He’s lean, muscular and has a golden Adonis Index ratio. Thats just about as good as it gets.

So would I ever do Scott’s workout? You bet, in fact I need to do other workouts just to get out of my head. Let me explain:

If you’ve ever built workout programs for clients or for athletes/teams it can become very mentally exhausting to follow your own workouts for too long. I become very hypercritical of how my workouts feel, if something should be upgraded, or tweaked or modified. I actually have a very hard time following my own workouts without being somewhat stressed about them as I want them to be perfect. This is of course irrational as there is no such thing as a ‘perfect workout’ but nevertheless this is what ends up happening to me when I follow my own program for too long. I get caught up in my own head and struggle to ‘just do it’. This is something that everyone who follows Adonis Index workouts can do with an AI workout…except me!

I use Scott’s workouts as part of my ongoing workout cycling to allow myself the freedom to go to the gym and ‘just do it’ for a while without analyzing my own workouts. And it feels really good to mix things up.

I don’t do this with just any old workout as I’m still focused on building and maintaining a golden Adonis Index ratio and Scott’s programs fit perfectly for this purpose.

So if you’re interested in checking out Scott’s programs you can pick them up at a discounted rate for Adonis Index customers here:

Scotts Workout Programs

Scott has also agreed to help the Adonis Index members integrate his workout modules with our AI modules to create a new MEGA-GIANT cycle!

Enjoy the podcast.




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