Are You Overtraining?

Overtraining is something we often hear about in fitness magazines but rarely ever experience.

Many of us will feel sore or exhausted after a workout, but are these feelings actually overtraining?

In most cases what people think is overtraining is actually under conditioning.

In other words, you’re just not strong enough or have enough endurance for the workout you attempted.

True overtraining is a state where you have completely pushed your body beyond it’s limits and you break down physically and mentally. The feeling is similar to having the flu, and in fact you can get sick in a true state of overtraining.

In today’s audio lesson we’ll discuss the difference between true over training and simply pushing too hard at a given workout.

You’ll learn what the real signs of over training are and how to know when you’re really approaching it and when you’re just sore from a good workout.


(Download Transcript: Are You Overtraining?)

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