AT7 Contest Winners Announced

The 7th Adonis Index contest is complete and it’s time to announce the winners.

This time we have three divisions – the good old transformation,Open Level 1, and newly the Open Level 2. Anyone who placed in our previous open contests was eligible for the level 2 contest.

As always, you must use the Adonis Index Workout.

Now it’s time to reveal the Winners.

AT7 Adonis Index Transformation Contest Category

Adonis Index Transformation Contest AT7 1st Place Winner: Phil S

Adonis Index Transformation Contest AT7 2nd Place Winner:Jeremy Inabnit

Adonis Index Transformation Contest AT7 3rd Place Winner: Vivek K

Adonis Index Transformation Contest AT7 4th Place Winner: Robert Robinson

Adonis Index Transformation Contest AT7 6th Place Winner: Todd Burgette

AT7 Adonis Index Open Level 1 Contest Category

Adonis Index Open Contest Level 1 AT7 1st Place Winner: Ross Goldsack

Adonis Index Open Contest Level 1 AT7 2nd Place Winner: Gabrielle Lazzari

Adonis Index Open Contest Level 1 AT7 3rd Place Winner: Andre Jacques Daames

Adonis Index Open Contest Level 1 AT7 4th Place Winner: Adam Murphy

Adonis Index Open Contest Level 1 AT7 5th Place Winner: Carl Thomson

Adonis Index Open Contest Level 1 AT7 6th Place Winner: Johannes Platz

AT7 Adonis Index Open Level 2 Contest Category

Adonis Index Open Contest Level 2 AT7 1st Place Winner: Allen Elliot

Adonis Index Open Contest Level 2 AT7 2nd Place Winner: Kidafi Byer

Adonis Index Open Contest Level 2 AT7 3rd Place Winner: Andrew Tullio

Congratulations to all winners you’ve just raised the bar even higher.


p.s. Don’t forget that you can pick up the classic AI Systems and enter the next contest that starts May 7th!

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