Balance – The Key To Success

Balance is a key underlying theme to the way you and I are built as human beings in our physical, mental and emotional states.

This balance also translates into career, relationship, family and social balance as well. You cannot cheat the balance scale of life.

If you put too much weight in any one area the scale will eventually tip and you will have a life changing crash. To illustrate my point lets look at each aspect separately:


Poor diet and zero exercise is a sure fire way to send yourself to an early grave and look lousy along the way.


Too much food isn’t good because it causes obesity, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and a bunch of other problems. Too little food can leave you malnourished and cause disease of malnutrition (luckily nobody in modern industrialized countries have to worry about this second point)


A lack of exercise will lead to accumulating fat and weak muscles and bones. Too much exercise will break down your joints and cause overuse injuries like tendonitis, and stress fractures.

Career vs Social:

All work and no play has actually been shown to drive people towards a depressive state, however all play and no work leaves you broke and unfulfilled with your life.

Girlfriend/Wife vs The Boys:

There always has to be time for your buddies and time for your girl. Putting too much emphasis on either one will simply drive the others away. I’m sure I don’t need to explain this any further as we’ve all known that guy who dropped all his friends for a girl (and then came crawling back after she dumped him)…and we also know that guy who had a great girlfriend that left him because he spent all his time boozing with his buddies and totally neglecting her.

Whether or not you’ve ever thought about it this way, this is in fact how we are built. Everything in your body and in your life functions on a theme of balance.

The longer you go with any part of your life out of balance, the bigger the potential crash and the longer the road back to restoring it.

I want to hear from you if you don’t mind offering some moments of clarity when you’ve realized you were out of balance and brought it back to center. If you would be so obliged put your story in the comment section.

I’ll get the ball rolling with my revelation that I was living a destructive life back when I wanted to be 275 pounds of muscle. I was living an unsustainable life that was affecting my health and my relationships. I eventually accepted the fact that I couldn’t just be as big as I wanted to and discovered a better way to exercise and take care of my body. (incidentally thats when I figured out the Adonis Index Workout and the Adonis Effect)

But along the way I ended up losing a girl and losing a job to figure this all out. That was a pretty steep price to pay.


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