Black and Grey Market Drugs

The market for supplements and drugs isn’t as black and white as you might think. There is also a significant ‘grey’


At some point these items weren’t on the black market.

market of items that are not yet categorized as legal or illegal. In many cases a new and controversial supplement may technically be part of the grey market until it gains a working legal definition.

If you’ve been actively taking or trying supplements for the past 10 years you may very well have taken something that used to be part of the legitimate market and now exists on the grey market or even the black market now.

Many items go through a life cycle from the legitimate market to the grey market and end up in the black market.

The markets themselves are determined by political ideology and pressure and have little to do with the quality or inherent or perceived danger of the items in question.

We’ll look into the history of the black market for performance enhancing drugs and examine how a drug or supplement can start out as a legitimate market item and end up on the black market.

When you look at it from this standpoint you have to consider that being on an illegal drug is more a matter of a moment in time and a geographical location vs doing something that is universally right or wrong as the media would portray it.


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