Brad Jackson Interview – Best Halloween Costume Ever?


Halloween is a really fun time and as and adult, it’s ALSO a really cool time to let loose and meet new people… women included.

So, in this Friday “lifestyle” edition of the Adonis Lifestyle Podcast, I got my friend Brad Jackson on the line to talk about some really cool but controversial stuff.

You’re about to discover:

1. What his best costume idea EVER is… and how he had women coming to talk to HIM, without provocation, volunteering their phone numbers and buying him drinks… virtually no effort required, and how YOU can use this same idea to increase your status for the night… ANYWHERE, at any party.

2. Curious ways to keep conversations going when they begin to dry up that DON’T make you look like you’re trying too hard AND make you the cool person people want to be around.

3. An interesting and fun “works every time” way to open up a group of women that is SO EASY and NON THREATENING, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it.

So kick back and relax.

The show is about to begin.


p.s. You can watch a cool video on the best Halloween costume ever right here.

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