Breaking The Mould: Interview with AT-12 Winner Elliot Mould

Here’s your new interview with one of the winners from the 12th Adonis Golden Ratio Transformation Contest.

Today John talks to Elliot Mould who placed 7th in our last contest.  Being a former Hockey Player, Elliot describes himself  as being a fit athlete, but never being lean.  It was lifelong goal of his but he never had the proper instruction on how to achieve that end state.  While young, he was able to carry his weight proportionately,  however, lessons learned from later on in life would later guide him in the direction of training for looks, instead of  the traditional “bigger, faster, stronger” athletic approach.


Breaking The Mould: Elliot’s Adonis Lifestyle Journey to Contest AT12

Elliot shares with us  his “Adonis Origins” images prior to the start of contest AT12.

Before discovering AGR, he was about 260 lbs.  Stepping back to his athletic roots he was able to dwindle his way down to 230 lbs.  However, he was frustrated with the proverbial “workout-hopping” routine.

He had tried several other workout plans before deciding to follow through with AGR and shadow contest AT11.  He lost over 25  pounds in contest AT11, finishing at 205.  His only regret, was not entering…  Determined to build upon his initial 12 week success he continued the challenge and entered AT12. Checkout his progress pics below:

Breaking The Mould- Elliot's Transformation Journey from Past to Present

Breaking The Mould- Elliot’s Transformation Journey from Past to Present


Scroll down to read more of  Elliot’s transformation journey in his own words.

But first, check out Elliot’s  AT12 Pictures


Elliot Mould - AT12 7th Place - Front Before/After Photos

Elliot Mould – AT12 7th Place – Front Before/After Photos


Elliot Mould- Transformation Image

Elliot Mould- AT12 Transformation Image


Elliot Mould- AT12 Transformation Image

Elliot Mould- AT12 Transformation Image




Elliot Mould - AT12 7th Place - Back  Before/After Photos

Elliot Mould – AT12 7th Place – Back Before/After Photos


Elliot Mould - AT12 2nd Place - Side Before/After Photos

Elliot Mould – AT12 7th Place – Side Before/After Photos



Elliot’s Transformation Essay:

I originally joined AGR back in Feb 2013 but I only looked around the site.  It wasn’t until just before AT11 started that I actually downloaded the program and started doing the workouts.  I was put in Category 2 and it ended up working out great.  The results I got from Category 2 made me definitely want to join AT12 as I had lost 30lbs+ in that 12 weeks and I hadn’t even started using the nutrition calculator, I simply read ESE and cut back on what I was eating.  Of course, now I was in Category 3 and the focus was body re-composition, which meant the focus wasn’t primarily fat loss and I know that building muscle takes much longer so I worked out 6 days a week.

At this point, I had used the nutrition calculator and knew what amount I should be eating, but only tried counting calories for a week and then stopped.  Due to my current situation, I often eat meals that are prepared and made by others, and often casserole like dishes, so I have no idea how many calories I am consuming which most likely kept me from getting leaner in the mid-section.  I would simply try to be reasonable.

I found that nearing the end of the contest I was getting more tired, during workouts and throughout the day which not only came from pushing hard in the gym, but perhaps also the lower than recommended calorie intake, and perhaps lack of sleep at night.  One thing for sure is that this contest kept me going at a hard pace.  My results from Category 2 when I shadowed AT11 and then being a part of this contest fuelled my motivation.  I am happy with my results but can’t help to think what would have been if I followed the RTD recommendations for the calorie intake.

I think the reason why the contest wasn’t so bad for me in terms of sticking with it is because I really didn’t change too much in my life for it from what I was doing before the contest, and therefore will be able to maintain this and continue to work towards reaching my Adonis Golden Ratio.

This is the first program that I ever really stuck with and committed to, probably because the results came so quick, and I am definitely happy that I did and will continue to stick with it.  Being a part of the contest made me accountable, which kept me motivated to push hard and give a high level of effort no matter what and for that, I would recommend entering a contest to anyone.

No matter what your starting point is, just give it your very best early on and you will experience leaps and bounds in progress towards your AGR.

Some important things that the AGR philosophy has taught me that have forever changed the way I look at things would definitely have to include nutrition and the idea of fat availability.  The more fat you have, the less you need to eat is something that is critical as well as the reverse taper diet and the fact that it all comes down to calories in and calories out.

This was first and foremost for me.  Just as important though is the change of thinking for me in the gym and the idea of not lifting with my ego.  Use manageable weights and perfect form, go to form failure, and lift with intention by focusing on contracting the actual muscle you are training in that exercise.  For me, it’s all about time under tension as opposed to just moving weights through space.

It was less about the number on the dumbbell, and more about how hard I actually worked the muscle.  I was completely open-minded when I started this program and just followed the workouts to a T and it worked.  This program is definitely not run of the mill, but you need to be willing to try something new without questioning every little thing because it’s not the same as what you have been doing or what you have been told.  Let’s be honest though, if what you were already doing was working, then you probably wouldn’t be looking to a new program, so it’s important to put all that aside and do what the program asks of you.

Editor’s Note:

Hey Elliot,

Just wanted to start off by saying you have a cool first name.  LOL   Coming from a military background, it’s often what I go-by as well.

I really enjoyed  listening to your podcast and reading your essay on your transformation.  You have come a long way and it was interesting to hear how much of mental transformation this was as much as being a physical one.  You definitely earned it bro and like John said, that guy in the ‘after” pictures really is you!  Just knowing that your capable of  transforming into “model material: given the conditions should be a testament in itself.  After all, you had to put yourself in that arena to “look the part.”

Dropping the “big guy” mentality and now training to achieve the “aestethetic/ripped” look can be quite a transition.  I feel like your still learning about the new “you” and exploring the possibilities of where you can go with the AGR system.  That is awesome and I would encourage you to create a new mold for who you want to be and to keep pushing ahead for great things in your fitness goals!


your brother in Iron,

Allen Elliott | Adonis Golden Ratio Ambassador


Elliot’s Transformation Interview:

To listen to Elliot’s transformation podcast interview click below:

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