Changing Your Body Changes Your Perspective

Your attitude towards yourself and towards others is going to be influenced by the look and shape of your body. You simply cannot separate your self perception from what you see in the mirror on a daily basis. This will color how you view everyone else even if you don’t realize it.


Sean took 4th place and looks great


Big back!


Sean has some serious muscle

The only time this will become clear to you is when you finally change your body and start seeing yourself and everyone else through a new set of eyes…and this is exactly what Sean Rafferty did in our last transformation contest when he took 4th place.

Sean explains what his perception and judgement of other people in the gym were like before he made his transformation, and then again after he became one of those people he was ‘judging’. It’s definitely a new perspective and a fairer more accepting perspective, and finally you’ll never know what it feels like until you make the change for yourself.

We also talk about Sean’s challenges with diet throughout the contest, how he found motivation and support to make the change and what he thinks are the keys to sticking it out and making it happen.




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