Christian Hudson Interview – How To Be UNBREAKABLE

I think I really sell these interviews short in these little descriptions… lol

(and this one will be no different)

In todays, podcast… I interview none other than the “Social Man’s” Christian Hudson.

Now, you may have heard of him before, and that’s because I’ve sent you emails about some of his cool products like:

Unbreakable (confidence and killer “inner game”)

Conquer Your Campus (ruling the college scene)

Today, you’re going to learn a little about:

– the dichotomy of male self improvement

– the difference between being attractive and “convincing”

– how being non judgmental and having healthy boundaries INCREASES your social status and life

– and even a really cool technique called “paint the picture” which virtually guarantees you’ll never have a conversation dry up on you again

So give it a listen, this is EASILY better than some of the things guys charge for 🙂

Stay cool,


p.s. If you’re looking to get rock solid confidence and “inner game”… check out UNBREAKABLE

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