Clear the Mechanism: Interview with AT-12 Winner Audie Harrison

Here’s your new interview with one of the winners from the 12th Adonis Golden Ratio Transformation Contest.

Today John talks to Audie Harrison who placed 6th in our last contest.

Audie begins the discussion talking about his obsession with coffee.  It had become his crutch, helping him get through extended sessions in front of his PC.  He knew it was time to make a change and rather than gradually making a change he decided to “Clear The Mechanism” and went cold-turkey.

This mental battle would prove to be a continuing theme during the period of his transformation contest.

Prior to beginning the AGR System, Audie’s weight had the “Yo-Yo” effect. He was literally at the mercy of his lifestyle or environment.  Desperately looking for something to focus on, he felt AT12 would be the great opportunity to take control of his physique.

Scroll down to read more of  Audie’s transformation journey in his own words.

But first, check out Audie’s  AT12 Pictures


Audie Harrison - AT12 6th Place - Front Before/After Photos

Audie Harrison – AT12 6th Place – Front Before/After Photos


Audie Harrison - AT12 Transformation Image

Audie Harrison – AT12 Transformation Image


Audie Harrison - AT12 6th Place - Back Before/After Photos

Audie Harrison – AT12 6th Place – Back Before/After Photos


- AT12 6th Place - Side Before/After Photos

Audie Harrison- AT12 6th Place – Side Before/After Photos

Audie’s Transformation Essay:

I decided to do AT12 quite a while before the contest even started. I’d gained more fat than I would have liked and decided the competition would be a good way to focus my energy and keep me on track. Had I really thought hard about it I never would have entered at this time what with a family holiday to contend with as well as a week I would be away with work. It had me freaking out at the time but I’m glad I did it  anyway.

I knew I was in for a tough time and I had actually planned on being very close to my golden waist by the time the competition started, which I knew would leave the majority of my transformation to come in the form of muscle growth, which is obviously very slow. I’d set the bar high for myself but that was fine with me.

Workout wise there was nothing too fancy. I’d spoken to various forum members about what worked for them and decided to do Adonis 3.1 and add in a Adonis Golden Ratio (AGR) Booster every single day on top of it, or as much as my body would allow anyways. My body tolerated the flow of Adonis 3.1 and I was able to stay mentally engaged during the workouts. Calories were a huge pain for me. I was on a deficit the whole time and I’d experimented with two different eating patterns, one of which made me feel horrible for two weeks.

All in all,  I really enjoyed the competition even though I felt I made more mistakes than I needed to.  Something struck me as soon as I’d had my pictures done. There was this feeling of catharsis where everything just seemed to evaporate and I felt an immense sense of relief. It was at that point that I realized just how hard this competition can be on someone without them even knowing it.  My biggest support system was the online community. There are some terrific guys on there. They’ll stand by you and encourage you when you need it, and give you a mental shake when you need that too. I honestly don’t know if I could have made it through the whole contest without the support and encouragement I received from those guys.

One thing I’m very glad to take way from this contest is the liberation from doubts and worries that I had pre contest. I’m genuinely looking forward to the years ahead. Many thanks to everyone behind the Adonis Golden Ratio System, and a special shout-out to all you guys on the forums! Thanks to you that I have a very clear vision of the road ahead. I know now exactly what physique I want and exactly how I’m going to get it!


Editor’s Note:

Hey Audie,

Through sheer mental toughness and perseverance you held fast to your goals.  ” Congrats on your transformation and placement in this contest!  Happy to know that you finally came to utilize all the tools that the AGR system has to offer.  Most importantly, the online Adonis community!  Your story is a great inspiration to others. Keep pushing toward your goals, remember, “Winners Find A Way to Win!”

your brother in Iron,

Allen Elliott | Adonis Golden Ratio Ambassador

Audie’s Transformation Interview:

To listen to Audie’s transformation podcast interview click below:

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