Coaching Athletes Is Easy, Squats And Deadlifts Are Hard

The other day, John and I jumped on the phone and he pushed the “record” button once again.

We’re gonna turn this into a weekly/bi-weekly podcast once we get some consistency… but the fact is that every time I talk to Barban or Pilon, we end up talking about some really interesting stuff.

Today’s Podcast… called “Coaching Athletes Is Easy, Squats And Deadlifts Are Hard“, I end up grilling John on:

  • Why it MAY or MAY NOT make a difference if your coach/guru/cool dude has ever coached high level athletes when determining who to give your money to
  • Why John considers Squats and Deadlifts “High Risk, Medium Reward” Exercises
  • Plus a lot more

Give this thing a listen and pound your comments and questions in below and we’ll knock ’em out… one by one.

(Oh yeah, and buy our stuff… lol)

Oh, and if for some reason the player doesn’t play, just download the file to your computer.

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