Consistency is the Key To Building Muscle and Staying Lean

The North American obsession with weight loss and fitness might be in part due to the fact that most people in north America tend to gain weight and get out of shape if they’re not paying attention to it.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that other cultures don’t eat the same way as westernized societies do. Having a big breakfast lunch and dinner isn’t a universal around the globe.


Adonis Index Open Contest Kidafi Byer

2nd Place Adonis Index Open Kidafi Byer

Adonis Index Open Kidafi

Kidafi has great definition and shape

when Kidafi Byer moved to the usa he was told he would get fat, but he didn’t let it happen. Instead he got golden and placed 2nd in our Adonis Index Open contest.

In today’s podcast we talk about different ways of eating and what it takes to build muscle.

Consistency and patience is a major key. You can’t expect the muscle to come faster than it’ll come. Challenging yourself in the gym and lifting heavy but withing your means is how you  will progress. Over doing it to the point of breaking down and having sloppy form isn’t going to get you there any faster.

Being consistent with portion control and calorie control is all that you really need to do with diet, but we know that is easier said than done.



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