Contest Prep: What is Really Going on Behind the Scenes

Preparing for a photoshoot and more specifically a contest involves a big change to the diet, but not so much to your training. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to most people. What is surprising is how much extra ‘help’ many competitors are getting from various pharmaceutical sources.

Andreas Munzer. Known for being shredded…but it cost him his life.

In todays podcast I chat with our industry insider about what really goes into the contest prep of top level bodybuilders and fitness competitors.

We’ll discuss the major differences between getting ready for a contest/photoshoot with and without the help of pharmaceuticals. We’ll discuss what supplements come into play and how the diet will change over time.

Training is always important and maintaining intensity is a big key. Along the way you may need to cut certain exercises and make some changes to your overall training volume, but keeping intensity consistent will go a long way to preserving your muscle as you strip off the fat.

The influence of drugs in competition prep cannot be overlooked especially if you’re choosing an external model to help shape your goal. You can never be sure who is using what, so you have to temper your expectations what your willingness to do or use what others will do or use.

In other words, try not to compare yourself to others, or set someone else’s body shape/look/size/leanness as your own goal because you can’t know for certain what they’re currently doing or what they’ve done in the past that is influencing their look.

Prepping for a photoshoot takes effort and consistency in both diet and training no matter if you’re clean or a chemical warehouse, the only thing that will change is the absolute final look.

This is why you should only ever compare yourself to yourself.

This podcast will give you some insights into the range of items that can enter into a contest prep routine. We’re not endorsing that you ever try any of them, but we want you to be informed of what really goes on so you can set realistic expectations for your own physique.

The true win is when you’ve managed to beat your previous best and get into your personal best shape.


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