Crystal Clear: Interview with AT11 Winner William Heinrichs

Here’s your new interview with one of the winners from the 11th Adonis Golden Ratio Transformation Contest.

Even if the path is a little blurry, keep walking.

You’ll focus in when you know what you want.

The picture of your life will become crystal clear.

Just don’t ever give up!


Today we get to learn from William Heinrichs,  who placed  6th in our last 12-Week Transformation contest.

William’s journey into the Adonis Lifestyle began in his late-thirties when he tipped the scale at 205lbs.  He felt that was a wake-up call as he didn’t have that much muscle to “show” for that amount of weight.  Sadly, his first approach was the traditional “bulk and cut” strategy.  Unfortunately for many, including William himself, his progress was showing little return on investment.  Nevertheless, William was persistent; he continued to search for a program that would help him achieve his goals.  When he finally found the AGR program, suddenly his goals became “crystal clear.”

Scroll down to read more of William’s transformation journey in his own words.

But first, check out William’s  AT11 Pictures:

William Heinrichs- AT11 6th Place - Before Photos

William Heinrichs- AT11 6th Place – Before Photos


William Heinrichs- AT11 6th Place - Transformation Image

William Heinrichs- AT11 6th Place – Transformation Image


William Heinrichs- AT11 6th Place - After Photos

William Heinrichs- AT11 6th Place – After Photos



William’s Transformation Essay:

It wasn’t until my my late thirties when I finally decided to do something about my increasing waistline and lack of energy.  My first attempt left me entangled in the dreaded “bulk and cut” strategy. For someone who was skinny most of his life, weighing as much as 205 lbs without much muscle was just too shocking for me.

I tried for several more years bouncing from program to program with limited success. When I finally found AGR, I was down to almost 190 lbs. The material [AGR System] made sense to me. The podcasts inspired me. Suddenly, my goals  became crystalized! I made the investment in a small home gym, some dumbbells and I was well on my way by the time AT11 began.

For the first 6 weeks of AT11 I kept a detailed record of everything I ate and drank. I had sets/reps/weight records of every single workout. About half-way through the contest it seemed like everything was falling into place. However, I knew that I had a work rotation coming up which would take me out of the country for many weeks.

I was also worried to about losing control of the momentum I had gained. Luckily the place I was going to work at had a decent gym. Unluckily, I would face a huge, all-you-can eat, free buffet at every meal. For the next 5 weeks, I ate by “feel”, kept up with my training and nervously measured my waist every day.

It turns out I’m pretty good at losing weight because I somehow managed to come home 7 pounds lighter than when I left. At 46 years of age, I don’t think I have ever looked better in my life. But this is just a point in time and not the end. Fifty-two inch shoulders are a long way off, so I’ve got some work to do.



That’s very commendable on your part by continuing to pursue you goals despite some setbacks and hardships.  What’s even more impressive, is that you “Held the Line” for over 5 weeks being out of your normal training and nutrition environment.

Temptation seemed to be in your face with every meal but you had momentum, discipline and tenacity  to carry you successfully across the finish line of AT11.  Were happy that your fitness goals were able to finally crystallize with the proper application of the AGR system.

Congrats again on your transformation and  wish you all the best in your pursuit of becoming “Golden.”

your brother in Iron,

Allen Elliott | Adonis Golden Ratio Ambassador

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