Current Strength Training Recommendations A Hoax?

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) is one of the most recognized certifying bodies for personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches. They publish a couple well known journals and most of the recent resistance training research can be found in their journals.

Arnold and the boys did just fine without these recommendations

Their position paper on resistance training gives recommendations on guidelines that trainers and coaches might want to use with their clients/athletes.  You would  assume this position stand is rooted in science and gives the best possible evidence based advice. At at glance this appears to be evident, but a recent review of their position stand shows that their position and the scientific vigor it was conducted with might not be as thorough as we’d like to think.

In today’s UNCENSORED podcast, we discuss the critical review done by Carpinelli et al on the ACSM position paper on strength training. (you can download the analysis here –> Critical Analysis )

In this review, Carpinelli shows us that many of the so called truths we cling to about strength training might not be grounded in as much evidence as we might be led to believe.

Many of the fundamental principles are resting on shaky ground to say the least. If you follow many of today’s recommendations back to their origin you’ll be surprised to find out in many cases there is no rigorous scientific proof for many of the recommendations that are repeated on a weekly and monthly basis by both the fitness industry and even certifying organizations such as the ACSM.


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