David Shade Interview

Yesterday, I did an interview that was extremely eye opening.

(It’s not work safe, so either put on some headphones or turn the volume down.)

I’ve been getting emails from you guys about this “rogue” sex expert by the name of David Shade, so naturally, I tracked him down and got him to spill some of his philosophies on both women and life. Now, David and I have never met personally, however I do know one of the guys in his camp quite well and we talk on the regular, so if you’re wondering if what you’re about to listen to is scammy or not, based on my friend Craig, I can vouch for the authenticity of what you’re about to hear.

But be warned, some of it is intense and may not be very comfortable to ponder.

Give this a listen, it’s quite eye opening… and if this sounds like something you may need to get handled, you can’t go wrong with his “Wild Screaming…” course (which includes “Cure Nice Guy”)

Here’s the interview:

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