Establishing A Golden Presence: Interview with AT11 Winner Jake Hahn

Here’s your new interview with one of the winners from the 11th Adonis Golden Ratio Transformation Contest.

Today John talks to Jake Hahn,  who placed  8th in our last 12-Week Transformation contest.

Jake had picked up AGR a while back and decided to enter AT11 on a whim.  Drawing from inspiration of others, he decided to take the plunge and begin his “Adonis Transformational” Journey.  For Jake, the AGR system presented clearly, the  concepts of both “Science and Art” in regards to goal setting for an “Ideal” physique.  Similar to the concepts of Archery, he now had clear targets to shoot for when he entered the gym.

He was fascinated that the “visually appealing” look the AGR system provided was fully customizable to his body type.  In the interview, Jake mentions what it felt like to give his workouts a full 100% mental commitment.  He learned what it meant to establish a “Golden” presence.

“Presence is more than just being there.”  – Malcolm Forbes

Scroll down to read more of  Jake’s transformation journey in his own words.

But first, check out Jake’s  AT11 Pictures:

Jake Hahn AT11 8th Place - Before Photos

Jake Hahn AT11 8th Place – Before Photos


Jake Hahn - AT11 8th Place - Transformation Image

Jake Hahn – AT11 8th Place – Transformation Image


Jake Hahn - AT11 8th Place - After Photos

Jake Hahn – AT11 8th Place – After Photos

Jake’s Transformation Essay:

I entered AT11 on a whim. A last minute decision brought on by a flash of inspiration. I wanted to experience for myself the motivation that the contests supplied for many passed contestants. So for me, having that deadline in the back of my mind truly was a solid push in the right direction. I found myself training harder and being more serious and committed to understanding what it truly takes to change a body for the better…I learned a lot!

In retrospect, before I found AGR all of my weight training and overall fitness ideas were extremely vague. I knew I wanted to look “good”, but I now know that I had no clue as to what that really meant. Which in turn has helped me to realize that without Adonis I probably never would have truly understood what I was/am after.

Ya know, without a definitive target, archery wouldn’t even exist. It would consist of a person shooting clumsily and  aimlessly into the air with no way to measure the growth of their skills. That’s how I now see my fitness past, and far too many people’s fitness present. I cannot tell you how pleased I am to be where I am, actually know where I am, know where I want to be, and most importantly HOW to get where I want to be!!

Throughout this short 12 week journey I have not only changed my shape in a positive way, I’ve changed my mindset and outlook. This is art. I’m molding myself. I love that! The Adonis team goes above and beyond what is expected from a company/business/people. They offer up amazing insights and LOTS of them!

During my last few weeks leading up to contest end I was personally coached by Adonis Ambassador Allen Elliott! I experienced that “above and beyond” guidance first hand and was truly honored and frankly blown away by the personal attention and care I received from Allen. He is truly a great coach, person, and example. Interacting with him was a solid inspiration for me, and I cannot thank him enough for his insight and support!

In closing I’ll just say this…I have never in my life been a part of a fitness community and training routine that I am so pleased with that I seriously cannot see myself living in any other way. Thank you for all that you’ve done and all that you continue to do. Cheers to the entire Adonis team…the epitome of above and beyond.





It’s awesome that you had a strong support group behind you such as wife, family, and members of the adonis community.  I’m glad that I also had the opportunity to personally witness your transformation.

I believe competition brings out the best and worst in us.  Through ups and down’s of the contest you maintained that “Golden Presence” and didn’t lose sight of the goal.

Jake, the AT11 contest has made a positive impact in your life and you now realize the greater theme of AGR…. “It’s not a competition, it’s a lifestyle!”

We look forward to hearing more from you in the future about the progress you’ve made.

Congrats again on a successful transformation!

your brother in Iron,

Allen Elliott | Adonis Golden Ratio Ambassador


Jake’s Transformation Interview:

To listen to Jake’s transformation podcast interview click below:

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