Facebook Fiasco – High Gravity Revisited

Hey, do you remember that post I put out yesterday on “The Return Of The High Gravity Male?

Well, let me tell you what happened to me earlier today to illustrate why all of this is important to you.

You see, earlier today I was on Facebook checking messages when a chat box pops up from a woman that I really don’t know.

Now, on its own, that’s no big deal as I get random friend requests all the time from people that follow me over on Twitter… so that’s nothing new.

And, if I’ve got a little time, I’ll generally chat with people for a little bit just to be social and get to know others because, quite frankly, you just never know when a person could be a valuable contact.

But today was different.

Today, the woman… who I’ve never chatted with my whole life tells me how she’s in trouble.

How she’s just been robbed at gunpoint over in London and she has no way to cover her hotel bill OR get to the airport to get home as the thief took her purse.

And she’s all despondent and in need of a hand.

About 850 bucks worth of a hand.

And she keeps promising she’ll pay me back.

(Oh, and she wants me to send the money Western Union)

Now, let me tell you what I did.

First, I clicked over to her profile to try to get a feel for who this person is, after all, I need to know if I’ll get my money back, right?

Well, I find out she’s engaged (weird that she’s asking me for dough, and not him) and that there is NOTHING on her profile about her that I can see.

No decent pics showing her with other people (social proof), no interaction with her by others… virtually NO way for me to be able to tell… get this… IF THIS WAS EVEN A REAL PERSON OR NOT!

Trustworthy – heck, I didn’t even know if she was REAL or if it was a scam at this point.

And it SUCKS that I had to think that way because I KNOW that crap happens to people and that they need a hand…

… and even though I wanted to believe that this person really needed my help, my head told me something different…

… so I didn’t help.

Because this woman had no gravity with me.


You see, and it really hit me today.

You have to ask yourself, if I was in a spot, how fast could I get 1000 bucks up? 10,000 bucks?

Could you make a call and 5 minutes later have it in your hand? Could you get it taken care of on gravity “credit” or even ‘payback’?

Would people ask you questions or just be like: “No problem, just get me back when you can”

Because it’s GONNA happen to you at one point.

So you gotta be prepared.

On, another note, John’s got a cool post coming tomorrow and we’re recording the “How Much Food To Build Muscle” podcast tomorrow as well… it will be up Monday.

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