Finding Your Motivation Interview With Andrew Scott

We’re in the 3 week of the fourth Adonis Index transformation contest and motivation to push through the full 12 week run is a big factor in winning and making a big change.

Andrew has built an impressive amount of muscle over the past year and especially during the last transformation contest.

Adonis Index Transformation After A ScottAdonis Index Transformation A Scott After

Each day you need to find your motivation and find what works for you. Along the way some people will support you and some people won’t. It’s up to you to find your motivation on a daily basis and keep pushing through no matter what obstacles life throws at you.

In todays podcast we talk to Andrew Scott who placed in the money in our last contest as he built an impressive amount of muscle.

Andrew talks about going through two contests now and the fact that if you stick to your guns you’ll eventually get to where you want to go.

Above all you gotta do it for you, and not for anyone else.



Download the Transcript –> Finding Your Motivation Interview Andrew Scott


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