Getting Real Results: Interview with Thomas Power

Working out is just a tool to achieve a desired result or outcome…this is pretty obvious. But when you commit to a workout that isn’t producing the results you want it might not be as easy to change to a new workout as you think.

Adonis Index Transformation Thomas Power Before

Adonis Index Transformation Thomas Power After

Sometimes you might think it’s you that is failing and not the workout itself. Maybe it’s just not a fit for your current training status, or maybe you’ve got the wrong expectations.

In any case, if you’re not getting results, but you’re putting in the effort, then something has got to change. Like Einstein said “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting different results”.

This is what Thomas had to overcome when he realized his old workout simply wasn’t producing the results he wanted.

One of the most interesting things Thomas said was that he had to ‘swallow his pride and just trust that the Adonis Index Workout would work”.

I find this to be a revealing statement because the workout he had been doing for the previous two years just wasn’t producing the results he wanted, and he was faced with a choice. Either continue doing the old workout and try to force it to work, or take a leap of faith and try the Adonis Index workout.

The rest of the story is history…Thomas finished in the money on our latest contest building a significant amount of muscle.

In todays podcast we discuss the “permission to be light” and how it can free you from the old way of believing that you must ‘gain weight’ and ‘bulk up’ to build muscle.

We’ll also discuss intensity and joining contests to generate motivation.

Adonis Index Transformation Transcript Thomas Power

And finally we’ll talk about embracing what your genetics have. If building muscle comes easy but you struggle with fat loss…well embrace the fact that you can build muscle easily (because the ‘skinny’ guys would kill to build your kind of muscle)

On the other hand if you’re naturally lean but building muscle is a challenge for you, embrace the fact that you can have visible abs without really dieting for them…(the bigger guys would kill to have abs all the time without dying)

The point is the grass is always greener on the other side if you always focus on what you DON’T have…instead you should embrace what you DO have and get to work developing your weaker points.


You can download the transcript here:

Getting Real Results: Interview with Thomas Power


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