Getting Your Head In The Game

Making a physical transformation is just as much about where your head is at as where your body is at. In fact the first step to making a transformation is never your workout or your diet, it’s your mind. And that is what Greg Rojem realized had to happen for him to make the transformation he did.


Adonis Index Transformation Greg Rojem

Greg Rojem 6th Place Adonis Index Transformation

Adonis Index Transformation Greg 6th Place

Greg dropped 4.5 inches off his waist

Adonis Index Contest 6th Place

...and dropped 19lbs

In todays podcast we talk about the mental barriers Greg had to overcome to get his mind ready for what it takes to transform his body.

Belief has to precede action. You gotta believe you can make a change before you  can actually make that change. From there it’s a matter of being consistent and never straying from your goal.

Believe it will happen, then take the steps to make it happen.



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