Goal Hijacking and the Muscle Index

The Muscle Index

The Muscle Index

The Muscle Index

We talked about the Muscle Index last week and how it’s a better measure of true lean muscle mass gains.

My latest Muscle Index score is 33.4

So this is the relative number that goes with the look and shape I have right now. Anyone with a similar Muscle Index will likely have a similar look as I do (regardless of their height)

If you’re significantly more muscular than I am your number will be higher than this and if you’re less muscular or have significantly more bodyfat your number will be lower than this.

For me the Muscle Index is the best way to measure real progress towards building a lean muscular physique.

The Adonis index ratio is part of the Muscle Index and therefore having a good AI ratio is incorporated right into a good MI (Muscle Index).

The actual measurements of the muscle index are outlined in the manual which is now included in the base Adonis Index Workout system. I suggest reading this manual and following the strength testing procedure as indicated to come up with your true strength measurements.

This way you will have an accurate and comparable baseline to start charting your true lean muscle mass progress. I believe that the Muscle Index is the best way to measure real changes in muscle mass.

Goal Hijacking

If you are the type who regularly exercises you already know that it’s easy to lose track of where you are in the gym or at home. Bouncing from one workout to the next and trying new things is very common and it’s easy to get distracted from what your trying to do.

You’ve got to own your goals in the gym no matter what they are. I don’t care if you want to be bigger or leaner, or both, or want to run a marathon, or a triathlon or bench press 500lbs…you can even have multiple goals, some performance based and some based on the look and shape of your body.

Whatever it is be sure that you’re on target with the real goal as it is very easy to adopt a training idea or style as an identity that completely derails you from the original goal you had in the first place. This can happen with powerlifting, crossfitting, ‘functional training’, and many other styles of exercise. If you’re honest to goodness goal is just to bench press 400lbs no matter what it takes to do that, then that is great, but our program isn’t really going to help you with that…in fact most programs won’t, the real answer for that is years of powerlifting and likely some steroids.

If on the other hand your goal is to build a great looking lean muscular physique without drugs then we got something for you!

In today’s podcast we’ll talk about the Muscle Index and how to apply it and how to recognize when your goals might have become hijacked from you when you weren’t looking.


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