“Golden” For Your Height

Here’s a little interesting factoid for you.

From our research we have found that high Adonis ratios usually occur at either extreme of body size.

In other words, it is exceptionally lean thin men or overly muscles bodybuilders and power lifters that typically have AI’s above 1.618.

Keira is beautiful, but I'd be less than thrilled if someone suggested my body looked like hers!

The ‘Ninja Assassin look’ and the ‘pro-body builder look’ are two great examples of AI’s above 1.618, but that are also not proportional to height.

This is a reason why high-level professional bodybuilders typically look shorter then they actually are, and why some exceptionally lean male models begin to take on characteristics that people describe as ‘feminine’ despite having a well proportioned body.

True story – I heard someone refer to a guy at a restaurant as the ‘shredded guy with the Keira Knightley body’!!! Sure enough the guy was lean with broad shoulders, but also undermuscled for his height – I’d guess around 140 pounds at 5’11 – 6 foot).

Having a good AI is exceptionally important to your overall look and aesthetics, but so is having an AI that is proportional to height.

The ideal waist that we’ve calculated is around 0.447. When you begin to approach 0.400 with shoulders above AI the look starts to become feminine and ‘gaunt’. When you approach 0.500 with shoulders above your AI the look becomes ‘stunted’ and short.

Being lean is important, being muscular is just as important, having the golden AI ratio is important, but so is making sure that ratio matches your height.



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