His Photos Cost Him 100 Pounds: Interview with AT10 Winner Kris Wragg

Here’s your new interview with one of the winners from the 10th Adonis Golden Ratio Transformation Contest.

Today John talks to Kris Wragg who placed 5th in our last 12-Week Transformation contest.

Truth be told, Kris is no stranger to the principles of AGR. He had been following the principles of Eat Stop Eat  for quite sometime before he made the decision to begin AGR workouts.  Kris had seen great results from intermittent fasting but realized in order to take his physique from what he called “skinny-fat” to “amazingly defined” a transformation contest would prove most helpful.

Kris also shares insights on he developed his homemade,  yet “Professional-Level” images for under 100 pounds.

Check out  Kris’s AT10 Pictures:

Kris Wragg - 5th Place - Before Photos

Kris Wragg – AT10 5th Place – Before Photos

Kris Wragg- AT10-Transformation Image

Kris Wragg- AT10-Transformation Image


Kris Wragg - AT10 5th Place - After Photos

Kris Wragg – AT10 5th Place – After Photos


Kris’s Transformation Essay:

When I started AT10 I was just finishing off MBF and then I moved on to the category 3 workouts. Throughout the competition I followed the calories suggested by the AGR calculator and shed quite a lot of fat in the first 6 weeks, after that it slowed down a bit and towards the end I added in a bit of cardio in the last few weeks to try and maintain steady weight loss.

I found the fat loss fairly easy, some weeks were harder than others trying to maintain the calorie allowances, especially with social events, but generally I compensated with a fast day and my weekly average balanced out. Between me and my girlfriend we managed to create lots of tasty low calorie meals and even tasty high protein desserts for treats, I’ve especially been enjoying some homemade protein flapjacks with chocolate on.

The workouts were fairly hard going and I added in a chest booster in the middle as this seems to be a lagging part for me. I really enjoyed the Fibonacci pyramids although they were extremely tough and took a long time setting up adjustable dumbbells. I thought the workouts were pretty well rounded and hit the whole body hard but evenly.

Overall I am extremely pleased with my transformation over the last 12 weeks, my girlfriend has been doing the Venus competition and we have both made great changes to our bodies in the short period of time. We are off on holiday in a few weeks and we will both be looking fantastic in our swimwear thanks to our hard work.


Kris’s Transformation Interview:

See below to listen to Kris’s transformation podcast interview:


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