How Big Can Your Muscles Grow

Creating your best looking physique requires two things:

1) Low bodyfat  &  2) Well Developed Muscles

Most of us can't workout at work like Ron Burgundy Does!


Lower bodyfat levels are a matter of diet and to some degree genetics, but todays post is about the second issue, developing muscle.

The muscle size that you can eventually develop is based on many factors including:

Genetic starting point – Somatotype

Durability – How resistant you are to injury

Emotional Disposition – How easily you become stressed and anxious

Mental Focus – How much and how long you can focus on your workouts and your intensity level in the gym

Available Time – How much time you have available to dedicate to training

Rest and Recuperation – The time and ability you have to rest, recover from your workouts and unwind from the other stresses in your life

Other Lifestyle Factors – There are a number of other factors that get in the way of your training including work responsibilities, traveling, family responsibilities, school, social events etc.

In today’s podcast we’ll discuss the rate limiting steps that are determining how big you can grow your muscles.

In most cases the amount of muscle you can ever develop is not limited by your genetics but rather by your lifestyle.



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