How Low Can You Go? Interview with AT10 Winner Saul Celis

Here’s your new interview with one of the winners from the 10th Adonis Golden Ratio Transformation Contest.

Today John talks to Saul Celis  who placed 8th in our last 12-Week Transformation contest. Saul explains to John his motivation for joining the contest. After realizing that at 193 lbs and 33% body-fat, change was in order; he diligently began to search for answers.  A testament to Saul’s transformation described in his own words is, “I’ve achieved in 12 weeks what I couldn’t do in 4-years!”

Saul found a fellow member in the community who resembled his body shape and began to set goals during his transformation.  His turning point came when he gave himself permission to be light, and began to lose weight in order to reach his Golden Ratio.

Scroll down to tune into the podcast and find out how Saul was able to attain his “Enter the Dragon” look.

But first, check-out  Saul’s AT10 Pictures:

Saul Celis - AT10 8th Place- Before Photos

Saul Celis – AT10 8th Place- Before Photos


Saul Celis - AT10 1st Place - Transformation Image

Saul Celis – AT10 1st Place – Transformation Image

Saul Celis - AT10 8th Place - After Photos

Saul Celis – 8th Place – After Photos

Saul’s Transformation Essay:

I was 193 pounds at 5’5” because of my “addiction” to video games. I played on average 5hrs on weekdays and 16+ hrs on the weekend. A co-worker of mine suggested we start working out. I use to work out in my twenties after I finished my time in the Army. I thought no problem I need to take care of my health. I’m 36 years old and obese. We checked out LA Fitness and signed up. A personal trainer gave me my measurements and I discovered I was at 33% body fat.

That literally meant one third of me was fat. I began my fitness journey  by following basic exercises for upper and lower body, along with a standard cardio routine. I worked out for six months and only lost three pounds. I knew what I was doing wasn’t working. I ended up watching some videos on youtube and that is where I found John Barban, Vince DelMonte, and Patrick McGuire talking about an Empowered nutrition meal plans. I purchased it and saw results pretty quick.

I was losing a pound a week and was really happy about the way things were going. I got down to 155lb and that’s when everything started going wrong. I started listening to people telling me I was getting to skinny. The co-worker I started going to the gym introduce me to a workout called permanent muscle by Ruben Bajada where I “learned” the bulk method. I started that and ballooned back up to 165. I keep telling myself once I’m bigger I know how to slim down again. In the back of my mind I remember looking at the Adonis Index. So I looked into in and it didn’t make sense to me because the principle was the direct opposite of bulking.

Nevertheless, I concluded that you can’t build a house without materials. So I purchased Vince’s stuff, then Kyle’s, then Joel’s, Dave Ruel’s recipe’s which I actually still use. I finally purchased Adonis Golden Ratio but then MI40 came out and I put it on the back burner. I gave myself the permission to be fat again and used bulking as an excuse. I listened to a lot of scientific podcasts and thought let me see if there are any good fitness podcast. I found the Adonis podcast and started listening. Everything finally made sense! I realized that the body stores fat for future needs. I was always scared if I didn’t eat I would lose the hard earned muscle (fat) that I gain. I started MBF and was losing a pound a week using the free advice you guys gave away on the podcast (fasting) lol. When I began the program my weight was 170 in September 2012. When the contest started I was down to 142. I joined contest AT10 for motivation, I never really thought I would get down to 123lb and about 8 to 9% body fat. It was the hardest easiest thing I have ever done but well worth it.


Saul’s Transformation Interview:

See below to listen to Saul’s transformation podcast interview:

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