How To Be A Man That’s In Control Of His Life With Women

Here is a copy of the teleseminar I did with Scot McKay of X & Y Communications a few weeks ago…

… it’s really good stuff.

(as an aside, you should def pick up his program “The Master Plan” if you feel like any of this teleseminar applies to you. He goes in a LOT deeper there.

==> The Master Plan

Inside this call, we talk about:


(a note from Scot McKay)

I realize it’s Saturday afternoon, but that’s not the kind of “hangover” I’m talking about this time.

Instead, I’m wondering if you’ve seen that *movie* “The Hangover”?

If you haven’t, it’s a “must see”.

Well, my main man Brad Howard and I got to talking about it the other day.

It would appear that BOTH he and I have been getting LOTS of e-mails from guys who have consistently been getting “pwned” by women in very much the same way as one of the main characters in that flick.

(Again, if you HAVE seen it, you know EXACTLY what I mean. And if you HAVEN’T, imagine a jealous, manipulative “double-standard chick” on steroids and you get the picture.)

Here’s the kicker:

Based on the events in the movie and how badly the main character gets treated, Brad Howard and I decided to put on a teleseminar all about how to make sure YOU are in control of your dating life.

So, Wednesday, August 26th at 9pm EDT (GMT -4), I was completely GRILLED by Brad on “How To Be A Man Who’s In Control Of His Life With Women”.

We talked about, among other things:

  1. Inviting high-character women into your reality who are TONS OF FUN and have HEARTS OF GOLD in addition to being BEAUTIFUL.
  2. Ridding yourself of GUILT AND SHAME over wanting to break up with a manipulative woman who doesn’t deserve you. (Does THAT one ring a bell? Wow…)
  3. Getting the details on EXACTLY what I mean by “igniting femininity” so that the woman you’re with is literally glowing with warmth rather than being cold and bitter. (Yes…YOU hold this power more than you probably think)
  4. How you can feel great about being a man who is IN CONTROL without ever falling into the trap of BEING A CONTROLLER. (Big difference)

I’ll tell you what, Brad and I have done some seminars for Twitter users in the past that have gotten RAVE reviews. We and in this one, we continued the tread by seriously giving away content that others charge thousands of dollars for.


Thanks Scot…

Now, give this thing a listen and take some notes. Then, when you’re done… go checkout “The Master Plan” and see if it fits your fancy.

==> Click Here For Access To Scot McKay’s “Master Plan”


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