How to Gain 8 Pounds in One Workout

Diet and fitness marketing material is littered with outrageous claims about weight loss and muscle gaining.

Some marketers would actually have you believe that you could gain 20 pounds of muscle in a month, or 40 pounds of muscle in 6 months.

Brad Pilon and I did a video showing how Brad gained a legitimate 8lbs of lean body mass in 1 workout!

This isn’t a lie or a joke, Brad actually gained 8lbs of measurable lean body mass in about 1 hour. So you’re probably asking yourself “how could this be?”

The answer is simple…if you understand how lean mass is measured and the difference between lean body mass and muscle mass.

In this podcast we replay the “how to gain 8lbs in one workout’ teleseminar (for those of you who might have missed it.

We discuss the main points to look for namely:

1. Don’t believe everything you hear or even see

2. The difference between what is said and what you hear

3. And how your fitness and diet marketing BS radar is probably not calibrated correctly (in other words, you most likely will believe something that is not possible)


p.s. Here’s an UNCENSORED podcast that goes into even deeper detail on the misuse and lies about lean body mass

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