How to Get Into Starvation Mode

Starvation Mode. We’ve heard about it and now we’re going to give you a step by step guide on how to get into it.

Popular fitness media would have you believe that starvation mode is something you can fall victim to within a few hours after eating a meal.

This poster from the Minnesota Experiment Shows you what starvation mode looks like

Common recommendations include eating every 3 hours, making sure you eat enough protein, eating a mixed macro nutrient ratio, paying attention to post workout nutrition etc.

These recommendations might be applicable to people who are experiencing true starvation mode… so how do you get there?

First of all starvation mode isn’t defined by the timing between meals, or the protein content of your meals, or even the amount of calories you eat.

Starvation mode as defined by the time when your body stops being able to metabolize fat for energy and turns to lean body mass – and happens at a
specific and measurable body fat mass.

For the vast majority of normal healthy people, there is no danger of ever being in true starvation mode.

Competitive bodybuilders and highly trained military personnel are likely the only people who can and will approach body fat levels low enough to experience true starvation mode.

Men and women each have a scientifically determined critical bodyfat mass, and an interesting area of research seems to indicate that as we approach these critical body fat mass levels we also start to experience true starvation mode.

In today’s podcast, we’ll discuss what these critical body fat levels are, and what it takes to get this low.


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