How to Look 20 Years Younger

Getting “big” isn’t the same as getting in shape. Most guys are missing the point when they dedicate years and even decades of their life in an effort to simply be bigger. You may be able to fill out a large shirt, but you many not ever want to take that shirt off in public. Leo Bell fell into this trap before he found the Adonis Index system and got ripped at age 48! Leo finished 2nd in our 4th transformation contest and proves that weight is just a number and the leaner you are the bigger you look.


Adonis Index Transformation 2nd Place Leo Bell

Leo Bell 2nd Place Adonis Index Transformation

Adonis Index Transformation Leo Bell

Leo dropped 30lbs!

Adonis Index Transformation Leo Bell

Leo took 6 inches off his waist for a remarkable transformation


This is a trap that many guys fall into and some never get out of. Months of ‘bulking’ turn into years, and the years turn into decades. Some guys can find themselves in the perpetual ‘bulked’ state for the better part of their 20’s and 30’s and in some cases even through their 40’s.

At some point this bulking cycle has to end and it becomes time to get into real shape and show off the muscle that you got.

Building muscle mass is part of the process, but getting lean is the other part. At some point you have to accept and understand the size isn’t the only goal.

It’s never too late to get in shape, and Leo Bell is living proof that once you put your mind and effort to the right goal you can achieve amazing results faster than you thought possible. The key is opening your mind to the concept of being lighter and leaner, and then sticking to a program that is designed to get you there.




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