How to Lose 60lbs in 12 weeks: Interview with Richard Lane

12 weeks may not seem long, but if you put your mind to it some incredible things can happen in that time frame.

And that’s exactly what Richard Lane did when he lost 60lbs in 12 weeks and finished in the money in our last transformation contest.

Adonis Index Transformation Richard Lane Before

Adonis Index Transformation Richard Lane After

12 weeks and 60lbs later!

Richard took a unique (but simple) approach to fat loss over this time period and he’s got many insights to share.

He explains how the positive feedback he got from friends helped provide the momentum to keep progressing, and how he learned what is limits were socially when it came to ‘stimulus’ including food, alcohol and partying.

Adonis Index Transformation Interview Richard Lane

Richard also perfected a way to explain his dramatic method for weight loss without having everyone freak out on him (this is a great tool and some pretty slick talking he does…go figure, he is a salesman by trade!)

All in all Richard has a unique experience and insights that I found very intriguing and I think you will too…so listen up (or read up!)


You can download the transcript here:

How to Lose 60lbs in 12-Weeks: Interview with Richard Lane

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