How to Take Adonis Transformation After Pictures

Picture TimeIt’s the home stretch for the 3rd Adonis Transformation contest, and it’s time to learn how to take the final picture.

The pictures you see of fitness models in magazines and on many websites are usually professionally done with experienced photographers who know how to get the look they want from the models body.

This is just a short list of things that are typically done to get a model ready for a photoshoot. You can use some or all of these techniques to get ready for the Adonis Transformation ‘after’ picture.

Tanning – muscle definition always shows up better with a tan

Shaving – Getting get rid of the body hair allows the muscle definition to show through

Oil – some models put a very light coat of oil on to bring out the definition, some even use a quick shot of pam cooking spray!

Lighting – the right lighting can make or break a photo shoot, get it right and you’re on the cover of the magazine, get it wrong and you’re not getting paid

Water depletion – most models will cut out water for the 24 hours leading up to the photo shoot (and many will toss in a mild diuretic with this)…this gives your muscles the hard dry look.

Hyperhydrate before Dehydrating – Another technique for cutting water is to drinks lots of water between 72-24 hours before the shoot, then cut water completely for the last 24 hours, some models say this helps with depleting water even better than simply cutting it out at the end.

Muscle Pump – This is a 50/50 proposition. Some people look bigger and fuller after pumping up, but it might cause you  to look smooth and wash out some of your definition. this is something that needs to be tested at the time of the photoshoot.

Carb Loading – Some models try carb loading a couple days before the shoot by doing an exhausting whole body workout and then eating a big carbohydrate meal post workout. The theory is that your muscles will absorb more glycogen than normal and give them a bigger fuller look. The drawback is that if you do this wrong you can end up ruining the look of your definition on the day of the shoot.

These are all techniques that have been used in the past with some success. Techniques that I consider mandatory are:




Water Deplete

The other items you can experiment with and see how they make you look.

I suggest taking 3 rounds of pictures on the last 3 days of the contest. Each day you try a different technique to see how they change your look. Take morning picture after you wake up cold, then take pictures after you’ve worked out. Take a picture after 24 hours of depleting water and take more pictures after eating a big meal. It might not be obvious when you look your best, so taking these three rounds of pictures will give you some choice so you can see what your best look is.

Remember we need a front, side and back shot relaxed with your arms at your side, after that it doesn’t hurt to throw in some poses too (front double bicep, back double bicep, side tricep etc…just be creative). Make sure the current days newspaper is in plain view in one pic of that round of pictures (make this a separate picture from the real posed shots).

This is what you’ve been working for and everyone you’re competing against will be doing the same thing. I want you all to take the best possible pictures you can so you can really show off what you got!

Next week we’ll cover the specifics of sending the pictures and other final measurements and essay.


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