Inflammation, Bodyfat, and Muscle Growth

This is the first uncensored Adonis Index podcast and today Brad Pilon and Brad Howard get into the specifics of inflammation, bodyfat, muscle growth, and working out.

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We know that as bodyfat increases so does systemic inflammation. It has been shown that bodyfat itself secretes inflammatory molecules and this is one of the reasons carrying excess bodyfat is a major risk factor for diabetes and heart disease, but what you didn’t know is that it may also kill your ability to gain muscle.

It could even be said that diabetes and cardiovascular disease are secondary diseases to being obese, and the extra body fat itself is causes multiple inflammatory problems all over your body.

Leptin became popular in the mid 90’s and early 2000’s as a potential target for a pharmaceutical solution to weight loss, but it failed to produced an answer.

Now we are discovering that leptin may be a signal of systemic and acute inflammation due to changes in both caloric intake and body fat levels.

In todays uncensored podcast Pilon will dig deep into his inflammation theory and tie in body fat, leptin, testosterone, calorie intake and inflammation and even vitamins and antioxidants. You may not have even consider this but a simple anti inflammatory might actually help with muscle building if you know what you’re doing, but if you take them incorrectly you could ruin the effect of your workout (this is based on the principle of hormesis).

The answer to muscle building and fat loss is multi factorial and this podcast will give you a taste of how many things that are really going on in your body when you’re trying to get a lean muscular physique. It’s just as straight forward as many people and marketers would have you think.

They discuss why there is a gap in muscle building research and why our culture of performance enhancing drug denial is keeping it that way.

You’ll also discover the chronic and acute effect of working out on inflammation and whether or not pre and post workout nutrition has a measurable positive effect on your workouts.


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