Inflammation and Testosterone’s Effects On Depression

The rate of depression is growing and the numbers are likely even higher than we think because many cases go unreported.

depression and inflammation

Can testosterone help with depression?

Common therapy for depression includes things like serotonin specific re-uptake inhibitors, monoamine oxidase inhibitors as well as other drug therapies.

But one link that has yet to be fully explored is that of inflammation and depression, and a therapy that is showing good results is simply low dose testosterone.

In today’s uncensored podcast we discuss the global prevalence of depressive disorders in both men and women and some of the potential causal links.

We’ll also delve into the research on inflammation and depression and the effectiveness of testosterone therapy for depression in both men and women.

Finally we’ll also discuss how bodyfat might be affecting depression and why getting in shape might be even more critical to your mental and emotional health than you ever thought.


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