It’s All DeGood! Interview with AT10 Winner Mike Degood

Here’s your new interview with one of the winners from the 10th Adonis Golden Ratio Transformation Contest.

Today John talks to Mike Degood who placed 6th in our last 12-Week Transformation contest.  Mike has a story similar to most, he grew up working out  but never really attained the ideal physique of working out.  Granted even as an adult  he continued to follow his passion for fitness by becoming a personal trainer and his wife  a sports nutritionist.  Nevertheless, it wasn’t until he  began following the diet /workout principles of “Eat Stop Eat” &  AGR that his goal of gaining lean muscle mass was realized and John Barban claimed Mike’s Physique as being “Competition Ready!”.

Scroll down to listen to his podcast interview and find out when it comes to lean muscle mass, why Mike is, ” All “DeGood!”

But  first, check-out  Mike’s AT10 Pictures:


Michael DeGood - AT10  6th Place - Before Photos

Michael DeGood – AT10 6th Place – Before Photos


 Mike Degood- AT10-Transformation Image

Mike Degood- AT10-Transformation Image


Michael DeGood - AT10  6th Place - After Photos

Michael DeGood – AT10 6th Place – After Photos


Mike’s Transformation Essay:

I’ve been working out ever since high school with minimal results. There is a myriad of reasons why I didn’t get the results I was after, which was tremendous gains in  lean muscle mass. If it wasn’t my nutrition being completely off, it was my workout regimen being unspecific, my intensity levels to low, improper rest, you name it I screwed it up.
Now, over twenty years later I have finally started to get the results I’ve been working out practically my whole life for. I was introduced to The Adonis Index through Kyle Leon’s Somanabolic Weight Training (another fine workout regimen). He had an interview with John Barban and they talked about the idea of ideal proportions, it totally made sense to me in fact if gave words to the REASON I worked out. Never before had someone made a workout geared specifically toward an ideal proportion. Most workouts are either to lean you out or bulk you up.
So, in the beginning I only bought the 3.0 module, because I was skeptical. I should also add that I’m a certified personal trainer and a strength and conditioning coach and my girlfriend is a sports nutritionist, so we are not new to physical fitness. After doing the strength and endurance cycle and reading ‘Eat Stop Eat’ I started to notice small changes happening. The first thing was my waist began to shrink and my arms and shoulders grew half an inch, and from there I was hooked.
Entering the contest was more of a way to keep me in the gym than it was anything else, I didn’t think I stood a chance of placing. I took the Immersion Prize for placing and I’m doing the Category three workout now. I will always strive to find new and exciting ways of shredding muscle to grow new and improved muscle, but up to this point I’ll have to say the Adonis Golden Ratio has been my absolute favorite workout and my” go-to regimen” for guys who train with me and want to put on lean muscle mass.


Mike’s Transformation Interview:

See below to listen to Mike’s transformation podcast interview:

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