Jason Haynes 2nd Place

Jason won the Burn category and finished 2nd overall.


Weight: 200 lbs
Shoulders: 51 inches
Waist: 41 inches
Adonis Index Ratio: 1.24


After 10 weeks:

Weight: 171.6
Shoulders: 48
Waist: 36.25
Adonis Index Ratio: 1.32

Jason made big time improvements, and even better than his numbers might indicate. His current AI ratio is 1.32 and he’s only 0.5 inches away from his golden shoulder measurement.

For Jason’s height:

Golden Waist: 30.17 inches

Golden Shoulders: 48.5 inches

From here on in Jason only needs to maintain the muscle mass that he already has while continuing to focus on cutting down to his golden waist over the next few months.


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