Ketogenic Diets For Fat Loss

Ketogenic diets were studied in the 1920’s as a treatment for epilepsy. Somehow the concept resurfaced in the 90’s as a supposed way to lose weight.

The most popular incarnation of this diet philosophy was the Atkins diet.

The theory is intriguing an goes against what most people were being told at the time. Basically you get to eat all the fat and protein you want as long as you stay away from carbohydrates.

The initial thought of steak, cheese, bacon, eggs, chicken, and more steak sounded tasty. But after even a few days on this style of diet most people want to eat some carbohydrate based food very badly.

In short, this diet is unsustainable and not a long term weight loss solution.

In this audio lesson we’ll go over the basics of what a ketogenic diet is and what it can and can’t be used for.


(Download Transcription: Ketogenic Diets: The Truth About Extreme Low Carb Diets For Fat Loss)

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