Metabolic and Muscle Building Rates

When we speak of metabolism and metabolic rates, most people are not thinking of it in the correct terms.

Metabolic Rates

Our metabolic rate is traditionally referred to in terms of calories per day, but it might be more useful to actually consider how many calories you burn per hour.

If you think about how many calories you burn per hour, the amount of food you need to eat per meal, the number of meals you need to eat per day, and how far to space those meals apart starts to look much different.

Understanding the amount of calories your lean body mass and specifically your skeletal muscle mass burns will also help you understand how much food to eat in order to gain muscle and maintain it without gaining fat.

In most cases the amount of calories required for muscle gaining is grossly over estimated as well as the amount of calories your muscle can burn per hour.

Brad and Brad also touch on what goes on behind the scenes at a bodybuilding photoshoot and the fallacy of the big eaters in the muscle building industry.

The difference in metabolic rate from one person to the next can vary, but it won’t vary as much as you think.

The concept of fractional synthetic rate is also introduced and Brad explains it in the simplest terms possible (although this is still a bit sciency sounding…sorry, some of this stuff is just more complicated than other fitness marketers will have you believe)

Finally, viewing your metabolic rates in these new perspectives will help you understand what it really takes to build a lean muscular physique and avoid some major set backs of the traditional bodybuilding recommendations.


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