Posing Tutorial for “After” Photos

Bodybuilding and the images you see in fitness magazines are an illusion with professional photographers, post production artists and models who know how to pose for the best visual effect.

Eric Daye

Eric is in phenomenal shape year round

We’ve recruited the help of a good friend, bodybuilder and professional trainer Eric Daye from TruBodyFitness. In this short video Eric instructs us on how to hit the mandatory bodybuilding poses.

I suggest watching this video a few times and practicing each of these poses over the next two weeks as you perpare for your final pics for both the Adonis Index Transformation Contest as well as the Adonis Index Open Contest.

Each of these poses will be a mandatory pose for the “Open” contest.

We would like the transformation contest entries to also hit each of these poses along with the standard front, back and side shots that mimic your ‘before’ pictures.

This is how bodybuilders create the illusion you see in the magazines and on stage, now you can create the same illusion.



P.S. Pilon keeps referring to a previous video, but we didn’t produce it, everything you need is in this video.

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