Preventing Weight Lifting Injuries

In order to build the maximum amount of muscles and get the most out of your weight lifting workout you have to avoid injuries.

You could have the best work ethic, the smartest workout plan (ie: The Adonis Index Workout!) and the best gym in the world, but if you get injured none of it will matter.

Most of us will get some sort of injury from either playing sports, pushing too hard one day in the gym, or overuse.

Minimizing these injuries and keeping your muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and bones as healthy as possible is the key to staying consistent with a good training program.

It’s this consistency with your training that will produce big time changes in your physique.

So you’re job is to train hard, and train smart and stay injury free.

In todays audio lesson I interview a good friend of mine Dr. Geoff Dover who does his research in athletic therapy.

We discuss:

  • How we get injuries from weight training
  • How to tell the difference between serious pain and delayed onset muscles soreness
  • How to decide if a pain is ok to work through or needs medical attention
  • What the mechanism of most injuries are
  • How to avoid common mistakes in the gym that cause injuries
  • Stretching
  • The importance of warming up

Geoff gives us some great insights into the science of injury prevention and what we can do to help avoid them.


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