Rebound Recovery: Interview with AT11 Winner Michael B.

Here’s your new interview with one of the winners from the 11th Adonis Golden Ratio Transformation Contest.

Today John talks to Michael B. who placed 1st  in our last 12-Week Transformation contest.

Michael is a unique contestant to AT11, he previously shadowed contest AT6 and made a transformation that most would be proud of.

However, his approach was to just cut as much weight as possible without fully embracing the AGR nutrition and maintenance  principles.

Needless to say, his transformation was temporary and Michael ended up rebounding to his original starting weight.

Here’s a throwback image of  Michael when he first embarked on his Fitness Journey and the results of him successfully shadowing contest AT6, an earlier AGR transformation contest.

Adonis Lifestyle Origins: Michael B. Circa 2011

Adonis Lifestyle Origins: Michael B. Circa 2011


With a renewed approach and support from members of the AGR community Michael has rebounded from his last transformation attempt and this time has transformed himself  in spirit,  mind, and body!   Check out his AT11 Pictures:

Michael B. - AT11 1st Place- Before Photos

Michael B. – AT11 1st Place – Before Photos


Michael B. - AT11 1st Place - Transformation Image

Michael B. – AT11 1st Place – Transformation Image


Michael B. - AT11 1st Place- After Photos

Michael B. – AT11 1st Place- After Photos


 Breaking the Mold: Gaining Muscle in a Deficit

Michael not only raised the bar of transformation possibilities  within a 12 week period, he broke the mold!  Michael is our first documented contestant to have gained muscle while in a  weight loss deficit.

As verified by the DEXA Scan:


Michael's DEXA Scan shows he lost over 16 pounds of fat while gaining 7 pounds of muscle!

Michael’s DEXA Scan shows he lost over 16 pounds of fat while gaining 7 pounds of muscle!

Michael’s Transformation Essay:

My Adonis journey has been a huge learning experience for me. I actually got involved with the Adonis Index Systems in September 2011. I joined a bit late to enter AT6 but shadowed the contest anyway, having an amazing transformation. I started at about 175 lbs. (I’m 5′ 7.5″ tall) with a 35 inch waist on September 15 and ended up weighing 147 lbs. with a 1.8 AI ratio on November 23. It was the first time I had visible abs in my life and I looked great, but the transformation didn’t stick 🙁

Shortly after the contest, I rebounded all the way back to where I had started. Even though I had accomplished a physical change, it wasn’t a transformation. I knew how to cut weight. In fact, I now realize that I had cut too far down, without even coming close to figuring out maintenance.

My one saving grace was that I kept on doing the Adonis workouts even as I was rebounding. I completed a giant cycle and was definitely getting stronger, but I was ashamed at how I looked.

I re-connected with the AI forums and focused on getting my mind right for true transformation. I started AT11 at 183 lbs. and a 35 in. waist. My goal was maintenance versus an all-or-nothing cut-down. I had to essentially come to terms with the priorities in my life (God, family, and living a life worth living) and how an Adonis body supports them. My focus became integrating Adonis into my lifestyle versus making Adonis a short-term priority.

The result: Before and after DEXA scans showed I had lost 16.48 lbs. of fat and gained 7.13 lbs. of lean mass in just 8 weeks! I went from 18% body fat to 8%. I am now just about at my golden measurements and enjoying life so much more.

Thanks to the Adonis family, especially you forum users, for welcoming a rebounder back and motivating him to stay in the fight. A big thanks to Barban, Pilon, and Howard for all their podcasts and the lessons I have learned from their discussions. You guys are life changers!


Michael’s Transformation Interview:

To listen to Michael’s transformation podcast interview:


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