Red Pill… Blue Pill… Your Choice

I hope you’re having an awesome weekend so far.

It’s funny, I was just chatting with a guy named John on Facebook about the podcasts and how he likened it to us being like “Morpheus”…

“Take the Blue Pill… and life goes on, and you know no difference…”

“However, take the Red Pill, and I’ll show you just HOW deep the rabbit hole goes”

(and it helps that I actually saw “The Matrix” the other day as well)

In fact, during the chat, John actually made the comment of how he wondered how Barban and Pilon couldn’t be SCARED FOR THEIR LIVES due to the exposing and uncovering that we’ve been doing.

We’ve been giving you the red pill.

And if you’ve been listening and paying attention, your life will never be the same… which is a good thing.

BUT… you haven’t seen ANYTHING YET!

If you think some of the other podcasts have blown the doors off of what you THOUGHT was right about muscle building and fat loss…

Monday’s podcast is a MUST.

If the other podcasts are like dynamite:




You’re about to WATCH (video) us as we totally deconstruct and pick apart the LANDMARK STUDY that “proves” interval training is better than steady state cardio…

… and the end result…

… is SHOCKING, hell – I was even in awe.

Seriously, all joking aside.

Look, if something has MY jaw dropping (and I’ve been in this industry for over 10 years), you’ve got to imagine how crazy it’s going to be.

If the others were ONE red pill, this will be TEN.

But this is just the start.

The rabbit hole gets deep.

We’ve got MORE.

I’ve got 2 reports coming to you in the near future. One on Thursday.

One the week after.

They’re different – it’s more red pills.

And your life will never be the same.

Stay cool,


p.s. Yesterday’s podcast with John Alanis on “How To Get Women To Chase You” and “Personal Authority” is awesome.

If you haven’t listened in, the link above is where you do it.

p.p.s. If you like this interview, he’s got a few free reports you can check out on his site.

Highly recommended.

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