Strength Gaining Podcast – It’s All Relative, But Not Really!

Everyone would probably agree that working out with weights makes you stronger. But how do you quantify strength gain?

Strength gain is relative to two things:

1) The specific Exercise you are doing

2) The specific Rep range you are doing

For example if I want to increase my 1 repetition maximum bench press, then I need to be exercising at or close to my 1 repetition maximum frequently.

If I want to increase my 12 repetition maximum bench press, then I should be exercising at and around 12 reps on bench press.

There are many equations that try to extrapolate 12 rep strength up to 1 rep strength, but the equations aren’t alway accurate.

In this podcast we discuss how strength is developed and how it can be correlated to muscle size and your ideal Adonis Index Ratio.

The bottom line is that anyone who is close to their ideal Adonis Index Ratio shoulders is also going to be one of the strongest people in the gym.


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