The Experiment of YOU

Working out and dieting might be two of the only true experiments anyone will ever be involved in. This is interesting because you are both the experimenter and the subject.

Most bodybuilders and fitness competitors have embraced the concept that their body is their ongoing experiment. They try new programs, chart their progress and make changes along the way. This isn’t much different from how a real clinical trial would be performed.

The only difference is that a real clinical trial ends within a few weeks or months. But your experiment with your body will last a lifetime so it’s in your best interest to become a good scientist with your own body.

In this podcast we’ll discuss the concept of you being your own experiment of one.

We’ll talk about the difference between a prospective vs retrospective research and why you should do more of the former.

We’ll also discuss the concept of jumping in and getting your experiment going.

In the spirit of this podcast I just did a mini experiment over the past 5 days and here are a few pics I took at the end of it. You can do whatever you want with your experiment. Just give something a try, track your progress, evaluate it, make adjustments and then get back to work.