“State of the Adonis Union” Inaugural Address by Allen Elliott

“The State of The Adonis Union is getting stronger.  And we’ve come too far to turn back to the couch.” – Allen Elliott, Adonis Lifestyle Ambassador

My Adonis Lifestyle Journey began when I made the Watch List in Contest AT3. I received tremendous support from members of the AI/VI community to pursue my fitness endeavors. After winning the AT7 Open Level 2 Contest Category I'm inspired to support and motivate others to begin their own Adonis Lifestyle Journey.

Hello, my name is Allen Elliott and I’d like to share my “Adonis Lifestyle” Story with you. While stumbling upon the Adonis Index website over three years ago, I could’ve never imagined the incredible amount of success and personal satisfaction this system has provided for myself and my fitness endeavors. As an ex-athlete, I’d hear the horror stories’ of guys who started off in great shape only to be de-railed later in life & never recovering.  Now that training for performance was no longer a goal or requirement, I was desperately looking for direction.  I found the Adonis Index Systems  to be straightforward and applicable to anyone desiring to improve their overall “Look” as opposed to specific performance training.

After completing the First Week of Workouts, I took the plunge and never looked back.  Training exclusively with Adonis Index Systems, I have competed and placed with top honors in Natural Bodybuilding/ Men’s Physique Fitness Competitions, graced the runway in several prominent fashion shows, and have published work as a fitness model. Following the Adonis Lifestyle has given me unstoppable confidence to pursue my fitness goals with a relentless tenacity.

Allen Elliott | Fitness Model Comp Card || Credits: N3K Photo Studios | Bertron Anderson Photography | Michael Martin Photography

When John contacted me and asked if I would like to become a guest blogger on the site, I was deeply honored and graciously accepted his offer. My Goal while giving back to the Adonis Index Community is to: Supply, Train, and Build.

Supply–As a guest blogger, I will post helpful tips for contest preparation, provide insight on making the transition from an AI Contest to a “Live Show”, and share updates from my Journey in the World of Fitness Modeling.

Train–I’ll also be active in the AI forums to chat with members about training styles, body-part specialization within the AI system, and any other topics that may arise that I can help with.

Build–Preparing for the road ahead, John and myself are masterminding to bring you the next Adonis Index workout.  This advanced workout will show you how I prepare for Fitness Competitions and Model Photo-Shoots, Adonis Index Style.

As we carry forward the plans and programs to better help you achieve your fitness goals I’d like to remind you to enjoy your fitness journey, the results are worth the effort. Stay Tuned! The best is yet to come.

Allen Elliott

AT7: 7th Adonis Index Contest Announced

7th Adonis Index Transformation and Open Contests officially start next Monday Jan 16th 2012. Time to set the ground rules.

Top 6 in transformation and Top 6 in Open Level 1 get prize money. You must be an Adonis Index customer to enter.

We will also be holding the first ever Open Level 2 with is only available to those of you who have placed in a previous Open competition and with one special invite to our latest transformation winner Andrew Peters.

Prize money for both Transformation and Open Level 1 are as follows:

1st Place – $500
2nd Place – $350
3rd Place – $250
4th-6th Place – $200

Open Level 2 Prize Money goes to top 3:

1st Place – $500
2nd Place – $350
3rd Place – $250

Submissions of “Before” Photos will be accepted starting Mon Jan 16th. We will be accepting submissions for 5 days until
Fri Jan 20th.

Mandatory before photo poses are the front, back, and side relaxed (arms at side) pose.

Mandatory newspaper picture within this photoshoot is required. For the newspaper picture we need to see you in the same position as each of the front, side and back shots. I need to see your body and your face with the paper. Once you’ve done the shots with the paper please redo them immediately without the paper, same shorts, same position, same location, same photoshoot.

There is now a mandatory Contest data chart that you can
download at this link: ***AT7 Contest Data Chart***

Fill this chart out with your name, age, height, and your starting weight, waist, and shoulder measurement. The chart has some built in functions to calculate your ideal AI and how far you have to go to get to it.

Filling this chart out before and after the contest is mandatory.

Before pictures must be submitted in a zip file labeled in the format of the following example:


Each picture must be labelled with your first and last name and the associated pose ie:


Picture size:

Please re-size larger picture files down to a size that has a height of  approx 500 pixels.

Failure to label, or re-size the pictures correctly or zip the file will result in potential disqualification from the contest (these files can easily become lost if they’re not labeled and sent in correctly)

Before and After pictures are mandatory for all contestants even if you think you’ll be in the open category (the open category is essentially for those people who are ‘close’ to their ideal proportions whereas the transformation category is for all people no matter how far they have to go to get to their idea proportions)…if you make a big change, but still have a ways to go to get to Golden you will be placed in the Transformation category…if you only have 10lbs or a few inches to go to get to golden then you will be placed in the open division.

***”Before” pictures and data chart must be emailed to me at johnbarban (at) gmail (dot) com***

All contestants who place in the open level 1 division will qualify for the level 2 competition to be held in April 2013.


A special note about taking ‘after’ photos. We are now looking at featuring some of our contestants on our book covers in the coming year. If you want to be in the running to be an Adonis Index cover model we will be giving instructions on
taking your best after photos. This doesn’t and will never require you to hire a photographer. We will be giving you instructions for taking great after pics with a regular digital camera and some simple lighting and a back drop you can put together at your house. All contestants from both the transformation and open division are eligible to be in the running for a cover model.

If you want to hire a photographer that is your choice, but we do not require it and will never ask anyone to do so.

It’s time for someone new to step up!



Contest Rules and Regulations:

This is the section with the boring legal stuff, you don’t have to read it all but it must be included in this post.

All entries become the property of the Contest Sponsor and will not be returned.

Contest Sponsor, its advertising and promotion agencies assume no responsibility for lost, stolen, delayed, damaged, illegible, incomplete, postage-due, garbled or misdirected entries or entries that have been submitted through illicit means, or do not conform to or satisfy the Contest Rules or for any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer on-line systems, servers, access providers, computer equipment, software, failure of any entry to be received or traffic congestion on the internet or at any website, or any combination thereof including any injury or damage to an entrant’s or any other person’s computer related to or resulting from playing or downloading any material in the contest.

The Contest Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, cancel or suspend this Contest should an external circumstances arise which are beyond the reasonable control of the Contest Sponsor. The Contest Sponsor is not responsible for any errors or omissions in printing or advertising this Contest.

The Contest Sponsor collects your personal information for the purposes of registration, program evaluation and to keep you informed about contest. The Contest Sponsor may, if consent was given during registration, also contact you from time to time with information about other ways you can lose weight.

The Contest Sponsor will not share any personal data about entrants with any
other party. The personal data collected for this Contest will not be used for any other purposes unless entrants provide explicit permission as indicated on the entry form. For more information about our privacy practices or to obtain a copy of our Privacy Policy, visit Privacy Policy

By entering this Contest, entrants agree to release and hold harmless the Contest Sponsor and their respective employees, officers, directors, agents, representatives, successors, assigns, advertising and promotional agencies from any liability for any loss or damage of any kind to the entrant or any other person in connection with this Contest or participation in any Contest related activities, including but not limited the taking of a urine test or, if declared a winner, the use or misuse of a prize or any portion of a prize including personal injury, death or property damage.

This Contest will run in accordance with these Contest Rules, subject to amendment by the Contest Sponsor. Contest Sponsor reserves the right to cancel, amend, modify or terminate this Contest or the Rules at any time in its sole discretion and without notice.

Entrants must comply with these rules, and will be deemed to have received and understood the rules if they participate in the Contest.


Adonis Index Contest Winners Announced

The fifth Adonis Index Transformation contest (and second Open contest) have just ended. Now it’s time to post the results.

As with each past contest the judging is my least favorite thing to do because it’s so hard to place/pick the winners. Everyone who submitted did a great job.

If you’re new to the game and want to know how they did it, just go here to check out the AI Systems.

Without further delay here are the winners of the 5th Adonis Index Transformation contest.


Adonis Index Transformation 1st Place: Al Sandoval

Adonis Index Transformation 1st Place Al Sandoval

Adonis Index Transformation 2nd Place

Al Sandoval Adonis Index Transformation 1st Place


Adonis Index Transformation Contest 2nd Place: Adam Rawlings

Adonis Index Transformation 2nd Place

Adonis Index 2nd Place

Adam R Adonis Index 2nd Place


 Adonis Index Transformation Contest 3rd Place: Mike Schaefer

Adonis Index Transformation 3rd Place Mike S

Adonis Index Contest 3rd Place

Mike S Adonis Index Transformation 3rd Place


 Adonis Index Transformation Contest 4th Place: Brad Greyeyes Brant

Adonis Index Transformation 4th Place Brad GB

Adonis Index Transformation 4th Place

Brad GB Adonis Index 4th Place


 Adonis Index Transformation Contest 5th Place: Calvin Chen

Adonis Index Transformation 5th Place Calvin Chen


Adonis Index 5th Place

Adonis Index 5th Place Calvin Chen


Adonis Index Transformation Contest 6th Place: Alexander Suherman

Adonis Index Transformation 6th Plac Alexander Suherman

Adonis Index 6th Place

Adonis Index Contest 6th Place Alexander S


The transformation category is only half of our contest. Next up are the “open” category competitors. In the open category we’re not necessarily looking for the biggest transformation but rather we’re looking for a final AI look. With that said, here are the Open category winners.


Adonis Index Open Contest 1st Place: Jason Gottlieb

Adonis Index Contest 1st Place Jason Gottlieb

Adonis Index Contest Winner Jason G

Adonis Index 1st Place


Adonis Index Open Contest 2nd Place: Nick Yarbrough

Adonis Index Open 2nd Place Nick Yarbrough

Adonis Index Open 2nd Place

Adonis Index Open 2nd Place Nick Y


Adonis Index Open Contest 3rd Place: Jason Haynes

Adonis Index Open Contest 3rd Place Jason Haynes

Adonis Index Open 3rd Place

Adonis Index 3rd Place Jason H


 Adonis Index Open Contest 4th Place: Leo Bell

Adonis Index Open Contest 4th Place Leo Bell

Adonis Index contest 4th Place Leo Bell

Adonis Index 4th Place Leo B



Adonis Index Open Contest 6th Place: Gerry Nelson

Adonis Index Open 6th Place Gerry Nelson

Adonis Index Open 6th Place

Adonis Index 6th Place Gerry N


Congrats to all who entered and finished, you should all be proud of yourselves.


p.s. If you want to be in the next contest, just go here and pick up the AI Systems today

Adonis Index Contest Winners Announced!

It’s time to announce the winners of the fourth Adonis Index Transformation contest as the first ever Open contest.

The competition keeps getting tighter each time as the bar just keeps getting set higher and higher.

Contestants were judged on total change in AI, how close they got to their true golden ratio and their final pictures.

Finally, if you want to get a hold of the systems that make all of this possible, here’s where you need to go:

==> Click here to grab your copy of the Adonis Index Systems

Ok lets get to it.

Adonis Index Transformation Contest #4

1st Place: Dan Blunk

Adonis Index Transformation Dan

Dan Blunk AT4 Winner

Adonis Index Pictures Dan

AT4 Winner Dan Blunk

Adonis Index Before

Dan Before


2nd Place: Leo Bell

Adonis Index Leo Bell

2nd place Leo Bell

Adonis Index Contest Leo

2nd place Leo Bell

Adonis Index Before

Leo Before


4th Place: Sean Rafferty

Adonis Index Sean

4th Place: Sean Rafferty

Sean Before

Sean Before


5th Place: Richard Lane

Adonis Index Rchard Lane

5th Place: Richard Lane

Richard Before

Richard Before


6th Place: Greg Rojem

Adonis Index Greg Rojem

6th Place Greg Rojem

Greg Before

Greg Before


Adonis Index Open Contest:

Senior Division (40+ years old)

1st Place: Mark Levy

Adonis Index Senior Mark Levy

Adonis Index Senior Open Champ Mark Levy

Adonis Index Open Mark Levy

More of Mark


2nd Place: Joe Weaver

Adonis Index Senior Joe Weaver

60 years young and looking great!

Adonis Index Senior Joe

Showing the young guys how it’s done!


3rd Place: Rich Sigona

Adonis Index Rich

3rd Place Rich Sigona

Adonis Index Rich

Rich has serious muscle mass and a huge back!


Adonis Index Open:

Middle Division (25 – 40 years old)

1st Place: Allen Elliot

Adonis Index Open Allen Elliot

Adonis Index Open Winner Allen Elliot

Adonis Index Allen

More of Allen


2nd Place: Kidafi Byer

Adonis Index Kidafi

2nd Place Kidafi Byer

Adonis Index Kidafi

More of Kidafi


3rd Place: Andrew Tullio

Adonis Index Andrew Tullio

3rd Place Andrew Tullio

Adonis Index Andrew Tullio

More of Andrew


Adonis Index Open:

Junior Division (under 25 years old)

1st Place: David Donoghue

Adonis Index Junior David

Junior Division 1st Place David Donoghue

Adonis Index David D

More of David


Adonis Index Andrew I

Andrew Irvine 2nd Place

Adonis Index Junoir Andrew

More of Andrew


Congratulations to all, you did a phenomenal job getting into great shape.

I’ll be contacting each of you personally as we owe you money and I’d like to do a podcast interview with each of you to share your training and preparation that you went through over the past 12 weeks.

This just set the bar even higher for our next competition which starts May 11th.


p.s. If you want to get a hold of the systems that make all of this possible, here’s where you need to go:

==> Click here to grab your copy of the Adonis Index Systems