The Battle of Perception: Interview with AT10 Winner Paul Tomlinson

Here’s your new interview with one of the winners from the 10th Adonis Golden Ratio Transformation Contest.

Today John talks to Paul Tomlinson who placed 4th in our last 12-Week Transformation contest.

Paul, a military fitness instructor was first introduced to  AGR when we met at at fitness workshop.  Recovering from an injury suffered during CrossFit, he was looking for a way to satisfy his “competitive edge” without the “wear & tear” of previous programs he had followed.

When I first  introduced  the  philosophy and workout concepts of  AGR with Paul he was skeptical, yet OPEN-MINDED.  As you’ll hear in his interview, he literally did a full-scale investigation of the AGR program including, measurements, training logs, body-fat analysis, etc.

However, when he finally conquered “The Battle of Perception”  he mentally embraced the transformation process.  Building positive habits, and following the workouts as instructed set the stage for some amazing results.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to listen to Paul’s interview.

But first, check out  Paul’s AT10 Pictures:

Paul Tomlinson - AT10 4th Place - Before Photos

Paul Tomlinson – AT10 4th Place – Before Photos


Paul Tomlinson Transformation Image

Paul Tomlinson – AT10 Transformation Image

Paul Tomlinson - AT10 4th Place - After Photos

Paul Tomlinson – AT10 4th Place – After Photos


Paul’s Transformation Essay:

Coming into this challenge I have to say I was quite skeptical. First, because I have been in the gym for 20 years and the only time I have seen any significant changes in my physique has been when I amped up my training to 2+ hrs/day, 5+ days/week. Second, I am a single father, of a 5 yr old, teaching for the Air Force, taking online classes for my degree, and still trying to be a Scouting leader and an active participant in a men’s small group.

Where was I going to fit in the extra time for the gym? Furthermore, I wasn’t willing or in a position to follow a body builder diet plan. What I have learned has really opened my eyes to my own personal fitness and self outlook. I work out less than I did last year (3-4 days/week, using lighter weights), have made small, simple changes to my diet (definitely not what I thought it would be) and find myself in better health today than I have been in over 20 years.

Before this transformation I was seeing a chiropractor once a week to manage pain and numbness from two bulging discs, pressuring the sciatic nerve. Today, I have no pain and only see the chiropractor once every 3-4 weeks. I feel so much more energized than I have in a long time, not to mention, much more confident. Thanks to AGR, at 44 I feel, and look, more like a 24 yr old.


Paul’s Transformation Interview:

To listen to Paul’s transformation podcast interview:


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